Jenna Corry Awarded Arts Supporter of the Year

To say I was shocked last weekend was a little bit of an understatement! 💗

After all of our cute Red Rock Studios dance classes performed for the Red Rocktoberfest last Saturday, the Kanab Arts Board was so kind in awarding me with the “Arts Supporter of the Year” award. I was completely surprised, and felt like there were so many in my life that could have received this!
Thank you to the members of the Arts Board that work tirelessly to create such a wonderful arts culture and support system here! I’ve sat in many of those meetings and know how much passion sits at that table every month!
And thank you to EVERYONE who helps create experiences for our community, experiences for our children, and experiences with the arts! There are so many incredible, talented people who volunteer so many hours and their talents to create an amazing arts culture here.
Artists, musicians, writers, technicians, performers, educators, creators, supporters…
I can’t tell you how lucky and honored I feel to be able to work with so many beautiful humans in so many areas of my life! It’s definitely a joint effort of so many hands with every event and program! I am amazed at the creativity and motivation inside all of you!
The arts have always been been such a huge part of my life. They gave me purpose and direction when I needed it, and I so strongly feel that EVERY child (and adult) needs a little taste of that in their life! Every child deserves a chance to sing a little, to dance a little, to create a little… to enjoy the beautiful parts of life with confidence! I will always fight and advocate for these moments for our kids!
There’s a quote that I love that says,
“The EARTH without ART is just… EH…”
I truly believe that my life without the Arts, and without all the amazing people that share that same passion, would definitely be beyond “eh”…
In my opinion, the arts make life worth living! 💗
“You’ve got food, you’ve got shelter, yeah…
But the things that make you laugh, make you cry, make you connect,make you love- are communicated through the arts. They aren’t extras.”
How blessed my life is that I am surrounded by so much magic, and get to watch the magic ignite in children every day!

Thank you again.

I am truly humbled. 💗