We dance, BECAUSE of the BRAVE!

🇺🇸”We dance, BECAUSE of the BRAVE!”🇺🇸
Red Rock Studios dedicated our 4th of July float to those men and women who have served and fought for our continued freedoms! We are able to dance because of them!!
The kids were amazing today, performing their dance several times through the parade, and also keeping up in this Southern Utah heat! And they looked SO cute! 😍
Red Rock also won the “Best use of Theme” award! Which is funny, because I didn’t even know the theme when I decided what to do! Just ended up fitting perfectly! Way from go everyone! Thanks Kanab for having such a fun parade!
Thank you to our service men and women who rode on our float! Proudly Representing our country on Red Rock’s float today were:
* Driving the truck- Captain John Kerr, US Army
* Specialist Michael Brewer, US Army
* Specialist David Hargrave, 101st Airmobile, Army Aviation.
* Karen Hefley Cashin, US Navy Medical Technician
* Lieutenant Harvey Hefley, US Navy, Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran
* Sergeant Sean S. Till, US Army