Covid-19 Guidelines

Covid-19 Guidelines

Hello Parents.

I’m sure by now, the majority of you have been able to read or hear the governor’s announcement last night. This order implements a statewide mask mandate and limits social gatherings for the next two weeks, as well as limits some after school programs and business guidelines.

I know there are still lots of questions out there! Thankfully, we have been working hard and have had success on getting some of our questions answered!

We have received confirmation from the “State of Utah Covid-19 Response” team that Red Rock Studios falls under the business category as a privately owned performing arts studio with an organized class structure, and CAN remain open! We are so happy about that!!

Because we are a business, we are held to certain standards and have to uphold these to stay open (and not be fined). We always want to remain a safe environment in all aspects for students to come and learn and grow! We ask for your support as we implement the additional protocol to keep moving, tumbling, performing, and dancing! For the next two weeks (Nov. 9th-Nov 22nd), the following will be added to our class protocol:

  • All staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. This includes before, during, and after classes.
  • We also ask that students ages 3 and older bring their masks to wear upon entering the studio, during class, and leaving the studio (for the time being). There will be mask breaks whenever needed individually and when the kids are 6 ft apart during class! A great suggestion for keeping masks handy is putting them on a lanyard around their neck so they are not getting lost or dropped.
  • In our larger facility, we have the ability to space out our students for the majority of our classes. This will be maintained as much as possible during the duration of each class.
  • We have been taking extra measures since the beginning of this year in our new facility to maintain a clean studio for our students. We will continue to clean and sanitize our facility and equipment after each class.
  • Please be consistent on dropping off your child and picking them up to relieve congestion and lingering in the foyer. Gymnastics parents: You can drop off and pick up at the back door as well!


We want to be able to stay open and provide positive and encouraging instruction for our students! We also want to continue with progression for our upcoming holiday performances.
With your help and support, we will be able to do this!

We also want parents to know that they do have the option of opting for a zoom class these next two weeks as well. Please contact your students teacher or Jenna Corry for more details on this option.

We will continue to watch for updates and will notify you by email or text if we hear any other changes